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TinyMCE Emoticons plugin helps to add emoticons in posts and pages easily.


  • User can add emoticons from post and page screen using TinyMCE Emoticons button.
  • Three different emoticon sets has been added (basic, animated, outlined).
  • Any one of the set can be selected from plugin settings page.


If you have ever installed a WordPress plugin, then installation will be pretty easy:

1. Download the TinyMCE Emoticons plugin archive and extract the files
2. Copy the resulting tinymce-emoticons directory into /wp-content/plugins/
3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu of WordPress
4. Go to Settings > TinyMCE Emoticons page and select any one of the emoticon set.
5. Go to Posts or Pages create or edit screen and find TinyMCE Emoticons button on TinyMCE Editor.
6. Click the button to expand emoticons and click emoticon to add. That’s it.


TinyMCE Emoticons settings page

TinyMCE popup in page add screen


Download the latest version (1.1) of this plugin from here.

Comments (9)

  • 19th Apr, 2014

    Hi Nazmur,

    I’ve successfully installed tinymce emoticons on my blog but I guess i missed the second step Copy the resulting tinymce-emoticons directory into /wp-content/plugins/.
    Actually I’m confused.
    The plugin is already there in my blog.
    Please assist. TQ.

    • 21st Apr, 2014

      Hi Mya,
      Thanks for the message. The second step I mentioned is same as installing the plugin through WordPress dashboard by going to Plugins > Add New and search the name and installing. So if you install the plugin, just ignore the second step. Just activate the plugin and enjoy. 🙂


  • 2nd Sep, 2014

    Hello, i’m trying to use this plugin at it seems wonderful.
    Just 2 questons:
    Is it possible to have custome smileys themes?
    (Have figured this out sort of but still maybe a better way then rewriting plugin js and php files)
    And my main question:
    Is it possible to give this functionality to users in comments?
    So like to display button in comments?
    Trying to find this out by myself, but maybe you could give a hint if there is one.

  • 23rd Jan, 2015

    I have installed the plugin but seems not to work from my side

  • 29th Jan, 2015

    it’s not compatible with the latest wp? i’ve saved the set u wanted to use, but when i click on the emoticon in my post, it’s not responding..

  • 1st Feb, 2015

    I installed TinyMCE Emoticons to my blog yesterday and it appeared to install properly. I have activated and deactivated it repeatedly and, while the symbol is at the top, when I click it nothing happens. I just read the step about going to settings and choosing TinyMCE Emoticons page to choose the set you want to use, but when I try that step I only get this message: “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” So, please help me to figure out how to use this feature! I liked the previous WordPress smileys, absolutely hate the current Font Emoticons and really do need something to replace that mess! Thank you!

  • 17th Feb, 2015

    Will check and let you guys know. Thanks.

  • 26th Mar, 2015

    the plugin was installed successfully and I can choose a pack, but when I try in editor to choose an icon, no function in editor. I use WP 4.1.1.

    • 6th Apr, 2015

      I think it is other plugin conflict issue. Did you try by disabling other plugins?

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